Slip and Fall Incidents and Premises Liability

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If you suffered an injury because of someone else’s negligence, this is ground for holding them accountable. Winning a slip and fall personal injury lawsuit entails being able to present and prove that the owner of the property or tenant was negligent. This may also mean proving that the owner or tenant’s failure to take action or otherwise has resulted in your injury.

Let us say for instance a mailman delivers the mail and slips and falls on his way up the steps due to an oil slick. Will the owner of the house be held liable? Can the mailman sue for injuries? Yes, he may. However, if the mailman acted in a manner that was unsafe in the first place, his claim can be considered invalid. In cases such as this, it truly helps to get the help of a lawyer who can tell you what you can do in order to get just compensation.

Premises Liability

You need to also understand what premises liability means when you experience a slip and fall. Premises liability is a legal concept that is commonly invoked in personal injury cases where the cause of an injury is due to the unsafe or defective condition of a property.

The legal theory behind this concept holds property owners and residents liable for any injury or accident that happens within the boundaries of the property. The liability of the property owner or tenant will be determined by the law and regulations recognized in a particular state.

In some states, the law focuses more on the extent of the injury suffered by the victim in determining the degree of liability. In other states, the law looks more into the state of the property where the incident occurred as well as the activities of the owner or tenant.

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Advantages of Hiring a Slip and Fall Lawyer

1. Hiring an experienced slip and fall lawyer can save you a lot of time. You can be confident that a lawyer understands the procedure that you need to follow from the filing of a case until a favorable decision from the court is achieved.

2. Getting a lawyer means you have someone committed to defending your interests in court. You can be confident that all aspects of the case proceedings are attended to appropriately.

3. You have a bigger chance of getting a high settlement. It takes a knowledgeable and experienced lawyer to tell you how much your injury is worth. Your lawyer will make sure that you get what is just and due to your unfortunate experience.

4. You can be confident that someone is taking care of your legal needs as you recuperate. You do not have to stress over the submissions of pertinent documents in order for your case to take off.

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Do not let your unfortunate experience weigh you down. Get the expert opinion of a seasoned slip and fall lawyer who can walk you through the process of making sure that your insurance claim is well taken cared of. Do not stress yourself over matters that a committed and hard working lawyer can do on your behalf. Not getting a lawyer may even get you into more trouble than you expect.

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